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The CIFP Registered Retirement Consultant® Program is a unique and specialized educational offering that focuses on the areas of financial planning that will be most in demand as baby boomers transition into the next phase of their lives: retirement planning, estate planning, wealth management and taxation during retirement. Graduates of the Program earn the license to use the prestig ious R egistered Retirement Consultant®, RRC®, Conseiller en Retraite®, Conseillère en Retraite®, CR® titles.

You have been selected by the CIFP Retirement Institute for this special offer and have the opportunity join the thousands of advisors who have already obtained one of the fastest growing designations in the Financial Services Industry, the RRC®.

To take advantage of this special offer, please follow the instructions below or call the CIFP Customer Service department at 1-866-635-5526 and our team would be happy to assist you.

CIFP Retirement Planning Certificate™ Course
  • $299.00 for the online course
  • 75.00 fee for the optional printed text
  • Topics covered in this course include:
    • Introduction to Retirement Planning
    • Government Sponsored Retirement Income Programs
    • Employer Sponsored Pension Plans
    • DPSPs, RRSPs and TFSAs
    • RRIFs, LIFs, and Locked-in RIFs
    • Taxation during Retirement
    • Retirement Savings Plans
    • Post-retirement Planning
    • Retirement Decisions
    • Family Relationships and Support Obligations
    • Family Property and Other Issues
    • Wills and Powers of Attorney for Property
    • Living Wills, Forms of Property Interests, Intestacy, and Probate
    • Personal Trusts
    • Estate Planning in Special Situations
    • Death and Taxes
For more information on the RRC program please contact CIFP via phone at 1-866-635-5526 or click here to send a question.

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